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Lifestyle Electronic Cigarettes provides an innovative alternative to smoking. Whether you are trying to quit smoking or just want the freedom to smoke at work, in pubs, clubs or restaurants, Lifestyle Electric Cigarettes provides the answer. Our realistic range of Electronic Cigarettes look, feel, taste, and satisfies your cravings like a traditional cigarette - just without the harmful and poisonous tar, chemicals and smoke - and for a fraction of the cost!


Our scientifically designed e cigarettes produce a taste and flavour consistent with a normal tobacco cigarette - you won't notice the difference, but your friends and family will!

Lifestyle Electronic Cigarettes do not contain tar, produce harmful smoke or contain any of the 4,800 chemicals you could find in an average lit cigarette. Our cigarettes are perfectly legal and approved and allow you to smoke anywhere, anytime. No longer are you affected by the smoking ban, and no longer do you have to nip outside for a "smoke" when you are out and about. Our electronic cigarettes give you the nicotine hit you require without the hassle and in a much healthier form that traditional smoking.

By switching to Lifestyle Electronic Cigarettes not only will you become healthier you will also save money. Our electric smoking kits and nicotine refill packs are a fraction of the cost of a normal packet of 20 tobacco cigarettes. We estimate that an average smoker who smokes around 20 tobacco cigarettes a day can save upto £1,500 a year by switching to Lifestyle Electric Cigarettes!

You can assured of the highest quality, standards and safety with Lifestyle Electric Cigarettes. All of our products and refills have been fully tested and approved to provide you with the ultimate smoking alternative.

Our Lifestyle E-Cigarette kits are now available in a two piece design, using a cartomizer and a rechargeable battery. You can choose your refill nicotine strength and flavour - providing you with a simple and safe alternative to traditional cigarette smoking



How Electronic Cigarettes Work

homepage-howitworks-logos A Lifestyle electronic
cigarette consists of a battery and a nicotine cartomizer. The battery powers an atomiser that heats the liquid nicotine, which when inhaled gives a nicotine hit, then when the smoker exhales a harmless water vapour is produced (that looks like smoke). The result is nicotine delivery that a smoker craves but without burning tobacco, smoke, tar or chemicals! Lifestyle Electronic Cigarettes - a safer and healthier way to smoke! 
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