Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

  • NO poisonous smoke and NO passive smoke is produced
  • NO tar is inhaled into your lungs and body
  • NO deadly chemicals! 4000 less chemicals than a tobacco cigarette
  • You can smoke anywhere! Not covered by the smoking ban – smoke in pubs & clubs
  • Save £0000’s – cheaper than tobacco – save weekly, monthly and yearly
  • Socially acceptable – smoke anywhere and not upset anyone
  • NO smell – as there is no smoke, there is no horrible smell
  • NO yellow teeth and fingers – have white teeth and clean fingers again!
  • Nicotine delivery that your body craves
  • Can help you to quit and cut down smoking
  • Tastes the same as Tobacco cigarettes
  • Looks and feels the same as a tobacco cigarette

As we all know Smoking is bad for you, it can cause many health problems and ultimately leads to cancer, heart disease and death. We know its bad, but many of us still smoke, lighting up and inhaling over 4000 dangerous chemicals, tar and smoke, all for a hit of nicotine!

Did you know that tobacco cigarettes include some of the following chemicals,


Plus there are over another 4000 deadly chemicals like the above, that we regularly ingest into our bodies when we smoke! Is it really worth it?

Read some of these facts and see if you still fancy a cigarette?

Every year hundreds of thousands of people around the world DIE from diseases caused by smoking cigarettes. Its a proven fact, SMOKING KILLS.
Did you know that ONE in TWO lifetime smokers will die from smoking? With HALF of these dying middle aged!
When you smoke the mixture of nicotine and carbon monoxide temporarily increases your heart rate and blood pressure – straining your heart and blood vessels,
Smoking can cause Cancer, Heart disease, Heart attacks, Strokes, Emphysema plus many more
A 20 a day smoker breathes in a full cup of thick tar every year – that just sits on your lungs!
Men who smoke are TEN times more likely to die from lung cancer than non smokers
Smoking whilst pregnant increases the risk of low birth weight, prematurity, spontaneous abortion and perinatal mortality
Still fancy that cigarette? Still want to go out and light up knowing the damage that can be done to you? Fancy dying young?

How about when you smoke around people? Do you realise your smoke can cause them these problems? Do you think it is fair that your habit could give someone else cancer or heart disease, just because you decide to smoke?

So, the only option is to quit then? Correct, but extremely hard to do!

We understand that people enjoy smoking, it comes as a relaxant to some people, helps stress disappear and helps them think straight. Giving up is not easy, if it was, no one would probably smoke! Nicotine is the cause that people smoke and continue to smoke. It’s addictive properties mean that giving up becomes extremely hard. People do quit and people quit regularly, but many go back to it just as quick. Quitting is hard and only a percentage really succeed.

So what is the answer?

The answer is simple – ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES!

You get the nicotine your body craves but WITHOUT 4000 chemicals, Tar and Smoke!

The perfect solution to a life threatening problem! Electronic Cigarettes were developed to provide the healthy alternative to smokers; allowing them to enjoy the taste, feel and nicotine of a normal cigarette but without the chemicals, poisons, smoke and tar – delivering the good without the bad!

Switch today from tobacco cigarettes to Lifestyle Electronic Cigarettes and feel the benefits in no time at all! The benefits of switching are not just physical, they are mental and financial as well! Switching to Electronic Cigarettes will be one of the best things you ever do – so why delay? You have all the proof and evidence in front of you, so there is no reason not to switch – dont delay, make the change today!

Just look at how much you could save,

health 2

Check out these quotes from supporters of Electronic Cigarettes,

American Association of Public Health Physicians (AAPHP)
As of April 2010, The American Association of Public Health Physicians (AAPHP) supports electronic cigarettes sales to adults, “because the possibility exists to save the lives of four million of the eight million current adult American smokers who will otherwise die of a tobacco-related illness over the next twenty years.”

Boston University School of Public Health study
A study by researchers at the Boston University School of Public Health in 2010 concluded that electronic cigarettes were safer than real cigarettes and may aid in breaking the habit of smoking. Researchers said that while further studies on electronic cigarettes were needed, “few, if any, chemicals at levels detected in electronic cigarettes raise serious health concerns.” Electronic cigarettes were found to be “much safer” than traditional tobacco ones, and had a level of toxicity similar to existing nicotine replacements. In the report, the level of carcinogens in electronic cigarettes was found to be up to 1,000 times lower than regular cigarettes. It also said early evidence shows that electronic cigarettes may help people to stop smoking by simulating a tobacco cigarette.

According to Cancer Research UK
“For a smoker, the health hazards of continuing to smoke greatly outweigh any potential risks of using nicotine replacement therapy”

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