How Electronic Cigarettes Work?

homepage-howitworks-diagramA Lifestyle electronic cigarette consists of four basic parts: an LED indicator light, a microprocessor, a rechargeable battery, and a cartomiser.

how it works

So how do electronic cigarettes really work?

Inside the cartomiser is an atomising chamber and liquid nicotine – the e-cigarette’s battery charges the atomiser so that when you inhale, the liquid nicotine is drawn into the atomising chamber where it is heated and turned in to a purified vapour.

The internal microprocessor carefully measures how much nicotine is delivered to your body in this vapour but without all the toxins, harmful chemicals and cancer-causing substances of tobacco smoke. It tastes and feels like the normal tobacco hit you get from a cigarette but without the danger to your health and those around you.

The authentic looking ‘smoke’ that you then exhale is actually a harmless and odourless water vapour containing no tobacco or tar. It does not leave behind any nasty odours and disappears into the air almost immediately.

With each puff, the LED indicator glows red for an authentic look and flashes when your battery is running low. The rechargeable battery lasts for the equivalent of 30 to 40 traditional cigarettes and supplies a constant level of power whenever you use your e-cigarette.

Lifestyle electronic cigarettes give you an authentic smoking experience but without any of a traditional cigarettes harmful side effects.

Benefits of Lifestyle Electronic Cigarettes

The benefits of switching to Lifestyle Electronic Cigarettes are immense. The impact of switching from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes will literally change your life!

The Lifestyle Electronic Cigarette uses advanced technology that atomises liquid nicotine to provide a smoke like vapour. The nicotine is delivered to the smoker by inhaling as you would on a normal tobacco cigarette. The benefits are clear, as no tobacco is being used or burnt, then no harmful and passive smoke is produced, no tar is inhaled and none of the 4000 life threatening chemicals you find in tobacco can harm your body! Electronic Cigarettes taste like normal cigarettes, smoke like normal cigarettes and feel like normal cigarettes – but can drastically improve your life – don’t delay make the switch today

As Electronic Cigarettes do not produce smoke, they are legally exempt from the smoking ban that is in place in England. Therefore you can now legally smoke in pubs, clubs, restaurants, even in your workplace if you wish! No more standing outside for a cigarette, no more smoke smelling clothes, no more bad breath – can you think of a reason not to switch to Lifestyle Electronic Cigarettes?

Smoking tobacco cigarettes has many side effects, direct and indirect that can impact on your life in many ways. Apart from the obvious health benefits, switching to Electronic Cigarettes means NO more Yellow Teeth, NO more smoke smelling clothes, NO more stained fingers, NO more passive smoking for friends and family, NO more skin damage (yes, tobacco smoke has been proven to quickly age the skin!) – There is NO reason not to switch to Electronic Cigarettes!

One of the most noticeable, instant changes you will see by switching to Lifestyle Cigarettes is the savings you will make! A smoker who currently smokes 10 Tobacco Cigarettes every day, will save approximately £1093.20 in their first year! With Cigarette prices constantly rising, you are guaranteed to save more and more every year! Just think what you can do with the extra money each month that you save! Another great reason to make the switch to Lifestyle Electronic Cigarettes today

Quality assurance and lifetime guarantee

We take pride in our brand, therefore guaranteeing you the highest and strictest quality standards from our Lifestyle Electronic Cigarette products. All of our products and accessories are subjected to stringent quality control and industry standard assessments. This guarantees the product you receive is tested, safe and of the highest quality.

A mark of quality! This is a mandatory mark that is required on all tested products sold in the EU

Products can only bear this mark once they have been tested not to contain Hazardous Substances

The world leader in testing, assurance, verification and certification. Without SGS approval we could not sell our products

To show how much confidence we have in our brand we even offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY with every single product and accessory we sell! No matter what the fault, no matter how old the item, we will replace with no questions or quibbles – how many other brands offer that? By switching to Lifestyle Electronic Cigarettes you can be confident of the quality and lifetime guarantees we offer you.

Step by step user guide

Assembling your Lifestyle Electronic Cigarette

We suggest your fully charge your battery before assembling and attempting to use your Electronic Cigarette
Remove the battery and a cartomizer from the Lifestyle pack
Simply Screw the cartomizer into the battery unit
Your Lifestyle Electronic Cigarette is now ready to use

Changing the Cartomizer

Always make sure you have spare cartomizers so you don’t out
Simply unscrew the used cartomizer from the battery unit
Screw in a new cartomizer into the battery unit
Your Lifestyle Electronic Cigarette is now ready to use again

Charging your battery

Never leave a battery charging unattended
Unscrew the cartomizer from the battery unit
Take the USB charging adaptor and screw the battery unit into it
Plug the USB unit into a USB port on a Laptop, PC or MAC or use the Wall Charger or Car Charger accessories (supplied separately)

Using your Electronic Cigarette

Once you have fully charged your electronic cigarette and attached the cartomizer you are ready for use
Hold the cigarette at a slightly downward angle
Prime the battery a couple of times by puffing but without inhaling
You are now ready to begin smoking the electronic cigarette as you would do a traditional tobacco cigarette

Technical Information

The battery unit supplied with your electronic cigarette is a 3.6 V Lithium battery. The normal operating voltage for the battery is 3.7 – 4.2 v. It takes an average of 1 – 2 hours for a complete battery charge. On first use we recommend a full 2 hour charge.

The nicotine cartomizer contains a heating element that is powered by the battery. When activated the heat vapourises the liquid nicotine, which is exhaled through the cartomizer by the user. Lifespan of the cartomizer can vary depending on the user.


USB CHARGER (supplied)
Input Voltage of DC 5V
OUtput Voltage of DC 5 – 5.3V
Output Current 150ma
Compatible with PC, Laptop, Mac
WALL CHARGER (optional)
Input Voltage of AC 110-240v
Output Voltage of DC 5 – 5.3V
Output Current of 500-600mA
Compatible with normal wall sockets
CAR CHARGER (optional)
Input Voltage of DC 12-24V
Output Voltage of DC 5 – 5.3V
Output Current of 500mA
Compatible with vehicle cigarette lighter units

Safety Information – Please make sure you only use Lifestyle Electronic Cigarette products with approved chargers and have read the operating instructions carefully. Only use chargers with the correct and matching power limitations, mis-use could damage the electronic cigarette battery unit. Do not use charges in the wet or near water. If the battery or charger becomes hot, produces smoke or an unusual smell then stop charging immediately, and contact us directly. Do not leave any chargers on overnight or unattended.

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